Weather-Proof Residential Skip Bins

When you are searching for a quick and efficient way of residential waste removal and garden waste disposal, turn to A’n’K Budget Bins. For over two decades, we have been providing skip bin hire services to commercial and residential customers in Perth and surrounding areas. Trust that when you hire our residential skip bins, you will get an efficient response and we will take care of your rubbish accordingly.

A’n’K Budget Bins Covers all your Residential Rubbish Removal Needs

Whether you are doing a spring clean-up, remodelling your home or landscaping, call A’n’K Budget Bins and we will provide you with residential skip bins that are appropriate for the size of your rubbish. With our services, you do not have to worry about loading up trailers and making trips to the rubbish dump. Listed below are the ideal residential skip bin hire sizes for your rubbish removal needs:

  • 2m³ – This skip bin size is ideal for small, domestic clean-up projects. Its capacity is equivalent to one and a half trailer. Hire this skip bin if you are doing single room renovations or spring cleaning.
  • 3m³ – Hire the 3m³ skip bin size if you are doing a backyard clean-up or you are moving to another house. It can carry rubbish about the same amount as two trailers or 18 wheelbarrows.
  • 4m³ – This skip bin size can accommodate rubbish about the same amount as three to four trailers. Hire this skip bin when you are renovating several rooms or you are cleaning out your garage.
  • 5m³ – When you need to remove waste from bigger home renovation projects, get this skip bin size. Its capacity is almost the same as five trailers or to be exact, 20 wheelie bins.
  • 6m³If you have a bigger residential rubbish removal project like a demolition, then this larger skip bin size is ideal for you. It has the same capacity as 40 wheelbarrows or five trailers.

We also have skip bin sizes 8m³, 10m³ and 12m³, if you ever need bigger ones.

Our Residential Waste Removal Services Cover:

We have been in the commercial and residential skip bin hire industry for over two decades and there is a reason why. Our previous customers have commended us for our professional and efficient commercial and residential waste removal services. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure that the pick-up and disposal of your rubbish will run smoothly as possible.

You can rely on A’n’K Budget Bins to remove your rubbish efficiently and in the most eco-friendly way possible. We store your waste in sturdy and weather-proof residential skip bins and then deliver the rubbish to a licensed sorting facility to have them recycled.

If you are ready to hire skip bins for your residential rubbish removal needs, contact A’n’K Budget Bins today on (08) 9370 5448. Our friendly staff is ready to answer your enquiries and will advise you with the ideal skip bin size for your specific needs.