Various Skip Bin Sizes to Choose from

In order to help you better manage your waste, A’n’K Budget Bins have a variety of different skip bin sizes, in cubic metres such as: 2m3, 3m3, 4m3, 5m3, 6m3, 8m3, 10m3 and 12m3. Every commercial or residential skip bin we provide has a drop down door for easy access, making them super user-friendly. You can order a single skip bin hire or arrange for multiple bins depending on your current need. We work hard to keep prices down and cost-effective, so that you get the most value for your money. Our team has a focus on providing reliable skip bin hire both commercial, industrial and residential customers can trust to handle their requirements.

Bin SizeLengthWidthHeightTrailer LoadsWheelie Bin Loads
2 Cubic Bin1.95m1.4m0.9m =2 x lift_box_td_img    or8 x images
3 Cubic Bin2.4m1.4m1.2m =3 x lift_box_td_img    or12 x images
4 Cubic Bin3m1.4m1.2m =4 x lift_box_td_img    or16 x images
5 Cubic Bin3m1.7m1.2m =5 x lift_box_td_img    or20 x images
6 Cubic Bin3.5m1.7m1.2m =6 x lift_box_td_img   or24 x images
8 Cubic Bin4.5m1.7m1.2m =8 x lift_box_td_img   or32 x images
10 Cubic Bin4.5m1.7m1.5m =10 x lift_box_td_img or40 x images
12 Cubic Bin4.8m1.7m1.65m =12 x lift_box_td_img  or48 x images

Taking Care of the Environment

We have worked for years in the recycling and waste disposal industries. Whatever the size of skip may be, we always ensure that we implement rules that comply with environment friendly practices. In this way, we can ensure to hold up our environmental responsibility. If you are ever unsure about whether you can place something in the bin, please contact the friendly team so that we can help you dispose of the item properly and responsibly.

Items that Can be Placed in the Bins:

  • Moving House furniture etc
  • Household Spring Cleaning Residential Rubbish
  • Garden Waste
  • Builder’s Rubble and Waste
  • Commercial Waste
  • Residential and Commercial Renovation Rubbish (e.g garden or bathroom renovation waste)
  • Factory Cleanup
Check Green Image

Items that Cannot be Placed in the Bins:

  • To comply with environmental requirements you ( The Hirer) cannot place any hazardous items within the skip.
  • Asbestos/Fibro Cement Sheeting
  • Paint Tins containing paint
  • Used or unused Oil
  • Car Tyres
  • Tree Stumps
  • Spring Mattress – By Special Arrangement Only

The Hirer by accepting delivery of our skip bin is acknowledging & agreeing to the above conditions


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