Hire Skip Bins for Household Waste Removal

Looking for a practical, efficient and cost effective household rubbish removal service? Then A’n’K Budget Bins is the name you should call. For over two decades, residential customers in Perth and surrounding areas have been relying on us for household waste removal services.

Why Choose our Skip Bins for your Household Rubbish Removal

Are you planning to remodel your home anytime soon? Planning that big, long and overdue spring clean? Well, before you jump into your project, you’ll need an action plan for your household waste removal. With skip bins supplied by A‘n’K Budget Bins, there’s no need to worry about making trip after trip to the rubbish dump, or sorting out the rubbish from that which can be placed in a recycling bin. We take complete care of removing and sorting out various types of waste from your household, leaving you to focus on the project at hand.


Common Household Items that can be Placed in a Skip Bin:

  • General Junk that comes with moving out
  • Televisions, stoves, electrical goods and washing machines, among other appliances
  • Carpet
  • Garage rubbish
  • Doors, cabinets and windows
  • Renovation waste
  • Sinks, baths and shower units
  • Metals, timber, wood and other building waste

Items that Cannot be Placed in the Bins:

To comply with environmental requirements the Hirer cannot place the following hazardous items, and the likes, within the skip:

  • Asbestos/Fibro Cement Sheeting
  • Paint Tins containing paint
  • Used or unused Oil
  • Car Tyres
  • Tree Stumps
  • Spring Mattresses – By Special Arrangement Only

The Hirer, by accepting delivery of our skip bin, is acknowledging and agreeing to environmental requirements and conditions.

If you need a skip bin for household rubbish removal in Perth, call A’n’K Budget Bins today on (08) 9370 5448Alternatively, you can fill out the form for a quick quote. Our friendly, experienced staff is ready to answer your queries and assist you with supplying the ideal skip bin for your next waste removal project.